Mixed Race Issue (Student Page)

AALR’s special issue on mixed race, is not simply a reexamination of race or a survey of mixed voices, important as both are. We envision our role as that of provocateur–inspiring new conversations and cross-pollinations, pushing into new corners. All contributions to the issue are collaborative, “mixed” in nature, bringing together folks across racial and [Continue Reading…]

Fall 2015: (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War


Table of Contents for (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War Volume 6, Issue 2: Fall 2015   Guest Editors: Cathy J. Schlund-Vials & Sylvia Shin Huey Chong Buy “(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War” AALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, US $26.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, Canada $31.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, Int’l $46.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue [Continue Reading…]

Ryan Lee Wong

‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do   Yes, Everyone Can Be Stupid for a Minute Everyone Speaks Text Message Everyone Seems to Have Cancer   Everyone’s Narcissistic, It Seems Everyone, It Seems, Wants to Buy the Clippers Nose Jobs Aren’t for Everyone Everyone Will Be a TV Station Soon Everyone Looks 10 Pounds Guiltier on [Continue Reading…]

Scott Thurston

Two poems by Kimiko Hahn arrive by email. I’m not familiar with the author, but after reading these spare, difficult poems, ‘In the Spirit of a Sestina’ and ‘From the Clipping Morgue,’ I’m left with the impression that these works are by a young poet, perhaps just starting out. What gives this sense? On reflection [Continue Reading…]

Keijiro Suga

When I read Kimiko’s lines and try to respond I am not addressing Kimiko herself and can only talk to, at best, the girl depicted, bodiless and soulless, just a flickering image that is constantly morphing into something else. But it did happen. The girl’s historicity is undeniable yet she is uncountable and so she is [Continue Reading…]

Wendy Anne Lee

I. Spirit and Form   Kimiko Hahn’s poem opens with an acknowledgment and a riddle. As the title makes clear, the poem does not take the form of a sestina. There will be no kaleidoscopic sestets or plaiting of six end-words, no envoi or tornata to call them together in a final, fitting constellation of [Continue Reading…]

Cressida J. Heyes

Spiderweb   The chief of the Soda Creek Indian Band likened the area touched by the spill to a spiderweb[17]   *   I live in northern Alberta, home of the tar sands—a series of giant pits of mucky bitumen mixed with the earth in a way that is incredibly difficult and destructive to extract. [Continue Reading…]

Kimiko Hahn

In the Spirit of a Sestina   where she was drugged. She said she woke up naked   As in many brothels, the torture of choice was electric shocks   The jolt causes intense pain, sometimes evacuation of the bladder and bowel – and even unconsciousness. Shocks   After the beatings and shocks, Sina said [Continue Reading…]