Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 (Student Page)

Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 Guest Editors: Rajini Srikanth & Parag Khandhar 9/11 Anniversary E-Issue 9/11 Anniversary E-Issue $10.00 USD On the ten-year anniversary of September 11th, experts of every camp and affiliation will compete to dictate its legacies for our collective memory. The danger isn’t simply that the loudest voices will dominate—it’s [Continue Reading…]

How to Bury Your Dead by Amin Ahmad

Your grandmother dies one muggy May afternoon in Connecticut, six thousand miles away from her beloved apartment in Calcutta, India. She dies alone in a hospital room. Your moon-faced grandmother is not wearing the crisp white widow’s sari that she has always worn. She has removed the ivory bangle that she wears to help her [Continue Reading…]

Fiction Review by Jessica Man

The Three Body Problem. Liu Cixin. translated by Ken Liu. New York: Tor Books. 400 pp. The Dark Forest. Liu Cixin. translated by Joel Martinsen. New York: Tor Books. 512 pp.   The first installment of Remembrances of Earth’s Past, The Three Body Problem, crossed the Pacific in 2014. Authored by one of China’s premier science fiction writers, Liu [Continue Reading…]

The Order of Things by C. Dale Young

There were many things Alejandro Castillo did not know. For a start, he did not know his given name or the people who were his parents. In this, he was one who embraced mystery not because he had that special talent but because he had no choice. When Father Guillermo Rojas found him on the streets of that [Continue Reading…]

Yiyun Li Interviewed by Terry Hong

To become a writer, Yiyun Li left behind everything familiar: her birth country (China), her first language (Mandarin), her family (parents and sister), her scientific training (immunology), and her PhD degree (University of Iowa). On the other side of the world, she switched into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and began writing in English. In the same year she earned [Continue Reading…]

Letter to Carlos Bulosan, September 2015

  Dear Carlos— To get from Tacoma, where I live, to your gravesite in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, entails a drive of thirty-eight miles. Halfway between Tacoma and Seattle is the Southcenter Mall. Seafood City, a supermarket that primarily caters to Filipinos, anchors one arm of the mall’s [Continue Reading…]

Mixed Race Issue (Student Page)

AALR’s special issue on mixed race, is not simply a reexamination of race or a survey of mixed voices, important as both are. We envision our role as that of provocateur–inspiring new conversations and cross-pollinations, pushing into new corners. All contributions to the issue are collaborative, “mixed” in nature, bringing together folks across racial and [Continue Reading…]

Fall 2015: (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War


Table of Contents for (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War Volume 6, Issue 2: Fall 2015   Guest Editors: Cathy J. Schlund-Vials & Sylvia Shin Huey Chong Buy “(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War” AALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, US $26.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, Canada $31.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue 2, Int’l $46.00 USDAALR Vol. 6 Issue [Continue Reading…]

Ryan Lee Wong

‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do   Yes, Everyone Can Be Stupid for a Minute Everyone Speaks Text Message Everyone Seems to Have Cancer   Everyone’s Narcissistic, It Seems Everyone, It Seems, Wants to Buy the Clippers Nose Jobs Aren’t for Everyone Everyone Will Be a TV Station Soon Everyone Looks 10 Pounds Guiltier on [Continue Reading…]