NORTH/SOUTH: Literary Atlas of Asians in the Americas, Excepting the U.S.

Table of Contents for NORTH/SOUTH: Literary Atlas of Asians in the Americas, Excepting the U.S.   Issues and Subscriptions Single issue AALR v812, print $22.00 USD1-year AALR v8 subscription, print $36.00 USDSingle issue AALR v812, print, Canada $37.00 USD1-year AALR v8 subscription, print, Canada $66.00 USDSingle issue AALR v812, print, int’l $42.00 USD1-year AALR v8 [Continue Reading…]

Spring 2016: The Third Rail

Table of Contents for The Third Rail Volume 7, Issue 1: Spring 2016   Issues and Subscriptions AALR 7.1 $18.00 USDAALR 7.1 Canada $28.00 USDAALR 7.1 int’l $38.00 USDAALR 2016 subscription $35.00 USDAALR 2016 subscription Canada $55.00 USDAALR 2016 subscription int’l $75.00 USDAALR 2016 institutional subscription $100.00 USD     Table of Contents An Impressionistic [Continue Reading…]

Asian American Literary Review Special Issue on Mental Health Testimonial Tapestry Project: Call for Submissions

  Seeking short narratives/testimonies (50-100 words) and visual art related to Asian American mental wellness and mental illness for a 2017 special issue of The Asian American Literary Review (AALR), an arts and humanities intervention that rethinks how we understand mental health in Asian American communities. While many note the prevalence among Asian Americans of [Continue Reading…]

Letter to Carlos Bulosan, September 2015

  Dear Carlos— To get from Tacoma, where I live, to your gravesite in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, entails a drive of thirty-eight miles. Halfway between Tacoma and Seattle is the Southcenter Mall. Seafood City, a supermarket that primarily caters to Filipinos, anchors one arm of the mall’s [Continue Reading…]