Spring 2010

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Table of Contents



Cathy Song

Oliver de la Paz

  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Beasts
  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Canyons
  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Dead
  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Evenings
  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Goods
  • Dear Empire, These Are Your Questions

Paisley Rekdal

  • Easter in Lisbon

April Naoko Heck

  • Conversation with My Mother
  • Translation
  • Spark
  • Winter Recess
  • Leaf Book
  • The Innkeeper
  • Distances
  • All Day the People Poured into Asano Park


  • Love Poem to Leeks
  • Love Poem to Lemons
  • Love Poem to Nuoc Mam
  • The Bodywasher

Eugene Gloria

  • New Zealand
  • Poem in Tagalog
  • Profligacy
  • I Envy Bashō

Nick Carbó

  • Ampules
  • Tautological Me
  • The Number One Song on the Day I was Born Was ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ by Roy
  • Orbison
  • Outflanking Soul
  • Today It’s Overcast and Horizontal

David Woo

  • Divine Fire
  • On Trying to Forget Someone
  • Luis Cernuda:   Apologia pro Vita Sua



Karen Tei Yamashita interviewed by Kandice Chuh



Ed Lin

  • Gus
  • Chinese New Year

Marie Mutsuki Mockett

  • Compartment Comportment

Sonya Chung

  • Love of Females

Hasanthika Sirasena

David Mura

  • The Orient Express

Gary Pak

  • from Brothers Under a Same Sky

Brian Ascalon Roley

  • Family Friend


Book Reviews

Jane Jeong Trenka’s Fugitive Visions, review by Paul Lai

Myung Mi Kim’s Penury, review by Timothy Yu

Nam Le’s The Boat, review by Jennifer Ann Ho


Contributors’ Notes

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