Winter/Spring 2011: Counting Citizens

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Table of Contents

Video Short

Kip Fulbeck

The Making of Mixed


Jeffrey Yang, C. Dale Young, & Srikanth Reddy


Ray Hsu

  •  Dear Sir or Madam
  •  Boots First
  •  Rights Mix #26
  •  Haiti (an earthquake)
  • On the History of the Marvelous Afternoon (a recycle)

Kimiko Hahn

  • Haibun for the Summer (2009)
  • Rick Barot
  • Oaxaca Elegy
  • Threnody
  • The Documents of Spring
  • America

Aimee Nezhukumatathil

  • In the Museum of Glass Flowers
  • Dangerous
  • Dear Betty Brown
  • Letter Found at the Tower of Silence
  • How to be a Poet
  • I Could be a Whale Shark
  • Giant Foil-Wrapped Bunny
  • The Pepper Kingdom

Jose Watanabe, translation by Michelle Kim

  • La estación del arenal   |   Sand Station
  • En el desierto de Olmos   |   In the Desert of Elms
  • Ratas y gaviotas   |   Rats and Seagulls
  • El lenguado   |   The Sole
  • Regresando al Perú en barco   |   Back to Peru by Boat
  • Escena de caza   |   Hunting Scene
  • El nieto   |   The Grandson
  • La piedra alada   |   The Winged Stone
  • La pared   |   Wall
  • El otro Asterión   |   The Other Asterion

Adrienne Su

  • Practice
  • Sunday Dinner
  • When More is Better
  • Twenty-Two
  • Correction
  • Bathtime

Prageeta Sharma

  • There is Clear Discomfort in Exposure
  • Ever-Ready
  • Neutrality Maki
  • The Gallows-Bird
  • The Other Profiled in Cerulean

Ching-In Chen

  • Bookburning in the Shiny City
  • Skyscraper
  • Our Histories Not Found in a Book
  • From the Month of the Book
  • The Shine of the Frozen City
  • The Next Lesson
  • Path for Shadows in the Shiny City
  • Shiny City Loves
  • Or, What the Bed Said

Pimone Triplett

  • The Hungry Ghosts

Jeffrey Yang

  • Lyric Suite



Tyrone Nagai



Arthur Sze interviewed by Gerald Maa



Chang-rae Lee interviewed by Maud Casey


Comic Art

Kaytea Petro



Joy Kogawa

  • From Gently to Nagasaki

Shawna Yang Ryan

  • The End of February

Kip Fulbeck

  • Fishing for Identity

Kari Lydersen

  • Oil, Arsenic, and Water

Nina McConigley

  • Fenced Out

Eric Gamalinda

Sangeeta Ray

  • Third World n’ All

Viet Nguyen

  • War, Memory, and the Future


Book Reviews

Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nocturnes, review by Reese Okyong Kwon

Larissa Lai’s Automaton Biographies, review by Paul Lai

Bich Minh Nguyen’s Short Girls, review by Timothy Yu


 Selection from the Primary Holdings Initiative


Contributors’ Notes

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