Local/Express: Asian American Arts and Community in 90s NYC (Table of Contents)


Table of Contents | Order


1 Curtis Chin, Terry Hong, Ed Lin, R.A. Villanueva & Ocean Vuong

Walking Tours of 90s NYC

3 Jeff Yang

Foreword: The Torchbearers: How a Bunch of ‘90s Kids Reinvented New York, Asian America—and Themselves

The Big Apple

9 Purvi Shah

Synapse Maps
After our Brooklyn apartment building is broken into, 2x
Loss is an art, traversing one world to the next
Made in India, Immigrant Song #3
The movement of shelter, the shelter of movement
Reflection: Writing the Lines: Poetry as Movement, Movement as Poetry

20 Monique Truong

Editing Watermark

26 Bino Realuyo

A Letter to Ed Koch

30 Ed Lin


37 Wayland Quintero

From 1990s Performing Asian American to 2012 Southeast Asianist

41 Ravi Shankar

From Manhattan Valley to Prospect Heights: A Look at New York City in the Late Nineties

47 Eric Gamalinda

Flash Fiction
Reflection: My Life as a FOB

56 Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Misfits Fit Here

61 Alexandra Chang, Nancy Hom, Tomie Arai, Jaishri Abichandani & Lenore Chinn

Narratives of the Time: the 1990s and Asian American Art

The City That Never Sleeps

100 Ping Chong and Muna Tseng


118 Vincent Young

Reflection: Ah Ming

122 Lisa Simmons

At the Whitney Biennial 1995

134 Barbara Tran

Faith, Whether in New York or Abilene
Reflection: Family Business

138 Christina Chiu


141 Leonard Chang

from The Fruit ‘N Food

151 Tina Chang

Origin & Ash

161 Anantha Sudhakar, Jaishri Abichandani, Vivek Bald, Gayatri Gopinath, Madhulika Khandelwal, Rekha Malhotra & Naeem Mohaiemen

Crafting Community: South Asian American Arts and Activism in 1990s New York City

Empire City

181 Kimiko Hahn

Reflection: A Personal Take

185 David Henry Hwang

interviewed by Terry Hong

193 Tamina Davar & Swati Marquez

The ‘90s: Fragments We Recall—South Asian NYC

205 Swati Marquez & Tamina Davar, Lettering by Ji-Hee Seuk

DesiFax: Fragments We Recall

214 Sung Rno

Konishiki, Mon Amour

232 Beau Sia

chasing bruce lee
an open letter to the entertainment industry

239 Christian Langworthy

Patent’s Caveat

240 Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

Kaori, from Why She Left Us

250 Xu Xi

Manky’s Tale
Reflection: And Then, the Nomadic Nineties


263 Gerald Maa

My Lost City: A Redaction

264 A Lettre Fellowship

265 Eugenia Leigh & R.A. Villanueva

On a Trembling City

268 Cathy Linh Che


274 Ocean Vuong


280 Parag Rajendra Khandhar

Local Expressions

287 June W. Choi, Vincent Young, Ed Lin, Curtis Chin, Tamina Davar, Terry Hong, Michelle Ko, Swati Marquez, Parag Rajendra Khandhar, Evelyn Ch’ien, Ed Boland & Helena Wong

Tweeting the 90s

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