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Covers by Ricardo Yamamoto, Simrat Kang

AALR’s special issue on mixed race, coming this Fall 2013, is not simply a reexamination of race or a survey of mixed voices, important as both are. We envision our role as that of provocateur–inspiring new conversations and cross-pollinations, pushing into new corners.

All contributions to the issue are collaborative, “mixed” in nature, bringing together folks across racial and ethnic boundaries, across disciplines, genres, regions, and generations. We solicited work from artists and writers, historians and activists, race scholars and filmmakers, teachers and students, among others. The idea is a network of original projects that not only map out multiracialism past and present but also break new ground.

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 Photo by Sita Bhaumik


Table of Contents


Pandora’s Box

Natasha Trethewey & W. Ralph Eubanks

poem & response & response | “Enlightenment” and Time Present and Time Past

Maya Soetoro-Ng & Alicia Upano

 narrative exchange | Piko / Crossings / Undulations / Ripple / Mo’o / Mauka

Daniel McNeil & Leanne Taylor

multi-genre epistolary exchange | Radical Love: A Transatlantic Dialogue about Race and Mixed-Race

Lily Anne Yumi Welty & Tyrone Nagai

origami | “Making” Mixed Race in Postwar Japan

Karlo Mila-Schaaf, Grace Teuila Evelyn Taylor, Tanya Chargualaf Taimanglo & Craig Santos Perez

poetry & dialogue | on Mixed Race and the Arts in the Pacific

Michelle LaFlamme & Minelle Mahtani

play | Mixed Messages

Wei Ming Dariotis & Isabelle Thuy Pelaud

 essay/poem | A Peace Both Delicious and Strange: EurAsian Women Teaching Asian American Studies

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Kandice Chuh, Patricia Ticineto Clough, Kimiko Hahn, Jennifer Hayashida, Joseph Jonghhyun Jeon, Kyoo Lee, Russell C. Leong & Simon Leung

 poem & responses | MusingWith: Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Shawna Yang Ryan

creative marginalia


Black Box

Kip Fulbeck

 photo essay | Part Asian, 100% Hapa: A Retrospective

Arwin D. Smallwood

maps/mini-essays | Race Mixing: A Brief History with Maps

Jennifer Hayashida & Carin Bergman-Hayashida

interview | I am the same way you have

Anna Kazumi Stahl & Karin Lanzoni

bricolage | The Genogram Game

CYJO, Ashley Bruckbauer, Xie Xiaoying, Guo Ding, Dr. Wang Chunchen, Wang Ronghua, Xin Wang & Jessie Zhou. Translation editor Liu Yanyan

photos & responses| Mixed Blood

Michele Elam, Laura Kina, Jeff Chang & Ellen Oh

meta-syllabus | Beyond the Face: A Pedagogical Primer for Mixed-Race Art & Social Engagement

 Shawna Yang Ryan

 creative marginalia



Akemi Johnson & Lily Ann Yumi Welty

collage essay | Happy Hearts All Day: The “Plight” of Mixed-Race American-Okinawans, 1945-present

Sue-Je Gage, James Kang-McCann & Greg Diggs-Yang

essay | Before There Was Asian American, There Was “Amerasian”: Mixing American Asians

Greg Choy, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Catherine Ceniza Choy, Christina Mazza & Jared Rehberg

essay/narrative/poem/lyrics | Desire and Dislocation: Asian International Transracial Adoptee Cultural Production and Mixed Race Identity Discourse

Peter Aspinall & Chamion Caballero

photo essay | “Broken Blossoms,” “Undesirable Elements”…or “Ordinary Families”?:  Social Attitudes towards and Lived Experiences of Anglo-Chinese Mixing in Britain, 1900-1950

Shannon O’Neill & Amira Pierce

fiction | Lebanon in Two Hemispheres: Posts from a Post-Colonial World

Leila Nadir, Zohra Saed, Tamim Ansary, Mariam Ghani & Ariana Delawaria

interviews/essays | Interviews/Essays by Afghan-American Writers/Artists 2013

David Mura and Nikko Sencer-Mura

essay/poetry | Mixed Voices / Ambiguously Brown: Mixed Young People in the Twin Cities

Steven F. Riley & Glenn C. Robinson
essay | The Impact of Internet Publishing and Online Communications on Mixed-Race Discourses

Robert Farid Karimi

teleplay | Unlost in the Supermarket

Shawna Yang Ryan

creative marginalia


Sent Folder

Digital works accessible online at

David Mura and Nikko Sencer-Mura

video interview/music |Hip Hop and Mixed Race Young People in the Twin Cities

Rudy Guevarra

mini-essay & photography | On Mexipino Foodways

Leila Nadir, Zohra Saed, Tamim Ansary, Mariam Ghani & Ariana Delawari

photography/music/video | Selections from Projects by Afghan-American Writers/Artists

Joe Bataan, Tyrone Nagai, Anel Aguilar, and Nelson Nagai

music/video/interview | “Ordinary Guy (Afro-Filipino)”

Misc Folder

Jennifer Foerster, Allison Hedge Coke, Chip Livingston, Lara Mann, Adrian Matejka, Quincy Troupe & America Meredith

 fold-out map/poetry | A Mixology / Indigeneity

Amanda Andrei, Forsyth Harmon, LeiLani Nishime, Chamion Caballero & Peter Aspinall, Shawna Yang Ryan, Saya Woolfalk, Jean Pfaelzer, Jason Oliver Chang, Asha Nadkarni, Nissa Poulsen, Zelideth María Rivas, Lorraine Morales Cox, Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, SooJin Pate & Alexs Pate, Nicole Myoshi Rabin, Zarine Rocha, Shelleen Greene, Jessica Amber Burdette, Juliana Hu Pegues, Brett Coleman, Jennifer Ho, Sean Kim, Daniel McNeil, Brian Ascalon Roley, Natashia Deón, Jason Moralee, Marytza Rubio, Ricardo Yamamoto, linda nguyễn & Jamie Mitsu

deck of playing cards | Histories & Anti-histories of Categorizing Mixed Race

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