Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 (Student Page)

Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 Guest Editors: Rajini Srikanth & Parag Khandhar 9/11 Anniversary E-Issue 9/11 Anniversary E-Issue $10.00 USD On the ten-year anniversary of September 11th, experts of every camp and affiliation will compete to dictate its legacies for our collective memory. The danger isn’t simply that the loudest voices will dominate—it’s [Continue Reading…]

Multimedia: Mistaken for Muslim by 1700% Project

This film is the 2010 recipient of the Grand Prize award for LinkTV’s One Chicago, One Nation film competition. Using the music video format as a subversive tool of engagement and collaboration, artist Anida Yoeu Ali and filmmaker Masahiro Sugano, worked with over 100 diverse volunteers, participants and community members in the Chicagoland area. In [Continue Reading…]

Multimedia: Carbon Dated by Chee Malabar

9.11.2301 Carbon Dated is a dystopian peek into our collective future. After 300 years of humanity existing beneath the surface, a nameless protagonist finds himself exploring what is present day New York City with a hope that the land is tolerable for future habitation. The remaining humans have become subterranean due to the fallout from [Continue Reading…]

Forum: How has September 11th changed literature?

Forum Although September 11th-oriented literary production has been prodigious, literature somehow remains for many an ancillary project at best, at worst an elitist aesthetic endeavor.   How might we understand literature as part and parcel of the on-the-ground urgencies of September 11th and its aftermath?   How might literature deepen our understanding of the event [Continue Reading…]

Forum: What did September 11th do to the concept of “Asian America”?

Forum What did September 11th do to the concept of “Asian America”?  Do you see a schism between “Asian America” and “Desi America,” and a new alignment between South Asian/Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim Americans?  What tensions now exist between and within these various communities? Deepa Iyer In 1998, Lavina Shankar and Rajini Srikanth edited a book that [Continue Reading…]

Forum: 9/11 as Rupture

Forum Don DeLillo once famously called JFK’s assassination “the seven seconds that broke the back of the American century.”   September 11, 2001 is perhaps similar to that moment not in kind but in magnitude and reach, and in our sprawling attempts to make sense of it.   So what, ten years after, can we [Continue Reading…]