Dispatches from the Symposium: Douglas S. Ishii

The Coherent Incoherence of Asian American Difference By Douglas S. Ishii Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program Director Konrad Ng thanked the artists and authors of “Asian American Portraits of Encounter Between Image and Word” via remote introduction for their work that “sustains narratives critical to understanding the Asian American experience.”7 The term “Asian American” here [Continue Reading…]

After the Symposium: From Korean to KYOPO: Notes for Girls in Transition

Angie Kim on The KYOPO Project   The flight from Seoul to New York is fourteen hours. * Fourteen hours is not enough time to memorize all fifty Essential Phrases in your “All the English You’ll Ever Need!” book. Seven or eight phrases, maybe. Nine, at most. * Holding your pee for fourteen hours because [Continue Reading…]

Symposium Image & Word: Villain/elle: Shimomura Cross Over in the Flat of the Night

Villain/elle: Shimomura Cross Over  in the Flat of the Night Bao Phi,  in response to Roger Shimomura’s  Shimomura Crossing the Delaware   after Dylan Thomas and Lupe Fiasco   Shimo’ cross over in the flat of the night Home of the coolie, displaced Native, land of the slave Paddle over tongues of water, Colonialist’s Delight. [Continue Reading…]

Mixed Race Initiative

SPECIAL ISSUE ON MIXED RACE Four members of the great initiative team, clockwise from top left: Tyrone Nagai, Art Director; Melissa Poulsen, Project Coordinator; Emilio Eusebio, Student Intern-Editor; and Michele Troutman, Student Intern-Editor. Thanks to political organizing, scholarship, and the arts, not to mention media coverage, mixed race has become hyper-visible. So what’s next? AALR’s [Continue Reading…]

2012 Symposium: Asian American Portraits of Encounter Between Image & Word

Edgar P. Richardson Symposium: Asian American Portraits of Encounter Between Image & Word Saturday, April 14, 2012 11:15 AM to 5:00 PM Nan Tucker McEvoy Auditorium National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution Eight and F Streets, NW, Washington, DC Asian American art and literature offer a collective portrait of Asian American identity and culture, one that [Continue Reading…]

AALR Releases New Spring 2012 Issue on “Generations”

“Are there any continuities,” wonders scholar Min Hyoung Song, “between the earlier generation of writers which first raised the banner of an Asian American literature and a later generation of writers which inherited it?” This is the question AALR’s Spring 2012 issue on “Generations” poses to 29 writers, poets, playwrights, spoken word performers, scholars, and publishers of various generations, regions, and ethnic and artistic communities.

2011 Accomplishments

Here’s a short list of what you’ve helped make possible in 2011: – AALR Spring 2011 Issue: “Counting Citizens.” Featuring a forum on multiracialism and art-making with poets Jeffrey Yang, C. Dale Young, and Srikanth Reddy; a groundbreaking folio of translations of work by Japanese Peruvian poet José Watanabe; new writing by Joy Kogawa; Chang-rae [Continue Reading…]