“Notes from the Hong Kong protests II” by Nicholas Wong

Notes from the Hong Kong protests II


“we accept humor as it can’t stop us from touching the sky”

“you got three choices. A. Chicken. B. Chicken. C. Chicken”

“these little masks have holes everywhere”

“those are school uniforms”

“those two girls look like Vogue models”

“did you mean to say triad members”

“the story goes that she told the stories”

“to handle or manipulate is a question”

“I’ll take the seasonal fat”

“I wished”

“I have directional dyslexia”

“history says so”


“that’s it”

“I wanted to be seen”

“theory simply does not work”

“tonight is a little unstable”

“instead of ‘spoken’, I think ‘murmured’, ‘made a sound’ might all work”

“maybe after class, maybe”

“microphone setup was pretty good.”

“that’s a very strong symbol”

“if you cut an onion and keep the remains for a week it becomes poisonous”

“thanks to Mark Zuckerberg”

“my first time ever to taste, to smell”

“the medieval age when kings still exist”

“especially things that are visible.”

“we will prove them wrong”

“IKEA beds are in great demand”

“the age he had, the knowledge he gotten”

“occupy her leg”

“love this unlocking thing”

“this woman is getting crazier every day”

“we are all yellow”

“do you actually have to tell someone that”

“she is not with me now”

“that’s impossible with small kids”

“I thought they were funny”

“he looks diabolical”

“my nails will recover”

“we are on our way”

“we need to protect ourselves from ourselves”

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