Ambiguously Brown: Interviews & Songs

Fuck, “I like Wu-Tang?” How‘m I supposed to break that shit down? Which side of the Dave Chapelle racial draft am I on? Perpetual question for someone like me who’s mixed or as I like to put it “ambiguously brown.”


My son Nikko Sencer-Mura and I examine the mixed race identities of four artists—including Nikko—from the Twin Cities hip hop scene. In video interviews, these artists answered questions about their racial identities, their experiences as mixed race individuals, and their artistic work. The final project includes excerpts from these interviews, music by these artists, and commentary by both Nikko and myself.

Nikko and I are aware that these interviewees are all males. Given the small sample here, the project can hardly claim any definitive statement. We’re just providing a few snapshots, little pieces of a larger puzzle.
Still, as even the interview excerpts make clear, race and ethnicity are complicated concepts; they play themselves out in the lives of mixed race individuals in constantly shifting ways.

—David Mura in “Ambiguously Brown: Mixed Race Young People in the Twin Cities” essay published in Special Issue on Mixed Race.


Interview with Chantz Erolin

Interview with Julian Fairbanks by Nikko Sencer-Mura

Interview with Nikko Sencer-Mura



Written and performed by Adrian Waters, Chantz Erolin, produced by Cory Grindberg

The invisible backpacker of privilege

Written and performed by Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre, Chantz Erolin, Chris Hooks, produced by Spencer Wirth-Davis


Written and performed by Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre, Chastity Brown, Adam Gabriel Napoli-Rangel, Chantz Erolin, produced by Spencer Wirth-Davis


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