MusingWith: Poem & Responses

A Response to Mei-mei

Kimiko Hahn

Yes, Mestiza,



yes, laterally, as in the cannon’s “certain Slant of light” as well as slant

and certain,

yes, ragged, too, as if wren

I mean “wrenched” don’t I

Mei-mei? because I’m not mixed about all this. The wrenched part.

The enough shade. The awash. The diffusion.

I am not mixed about all this,

especially on your patio,

or, now that the air is warm, good luxe of the many stranded.

“Yes” means a space above a lake: here is where I met you

reading in a loft on Catherine Street. It was 1982,


I think Jessica invited each of us. And

her new collection was literally a shade of turquoise.

My air pocket, too. Yes,

it feels good to find someone else who likes object and object (noun and verb)
(not quail, no) and is