Keijiro Suga

When I read Kimiko’s lines and try to respond I am not addressing Kimiko herself and can only talk to, at best, the girl depicted, bodiless and soulless, just a flickering image that is constantly morphing into something else. But it did happen.

The girl’s historicity is undeniable yet she is uncountable and so she is easily shes (“they” doesn’t have gender designation), she are shes locked, tortured, naked, threatened, bitten by the ants, poorly, so dangerously poorly, what can I do for hers.

I hate the man (no doubt about it) who, historically, drugged you, locked you in a coffin. That state of pseudo-death. Being confined. The worst form of being alive at fourteen, and after.

Every historical event has its own exact point of happening, right? Every body has its own exact point of passage (from life to death). Then how it lingers in this barn of the world, burned, resurrected, re-virginalized, open for re-use. This monstrous world.

(Do you call it ASIA? What does it stand for?)

But when I say “you” this you doesn’t have any substance…no body, it is just bodiless historicity, like what I witnessed in my former suspension of life among silly words, phrases, and sentences, roaming around like blinded, flightless birds.

Now. Find the meaning of ASIA in a non-essentializable way. They are the cities since become invisible.

And then comes water in another sequence of inspirational addiction.

And then comes water in abundant swiftness of inaugural altitude.

And then comes water in adequate surprise of illocutionary abandonment.

And then comes water in algorithmic synthesis of irregular altercation.

Things become foggy after a moment. Materialize, she says. But things are ever so evasive and by nature they are images. Apparitions. Appearances.

Phenomena. It’s all about embodiment of phenomena. Historicizing the images that haunt you. Give them bodies, voices, vibrations. In revenge, as.

It after all is a question of transforming images to something audible. Close your eyes and stop imagining. Just listen to what Kimiko offers to you. It is thunderous. You’ll be threatened.



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