NORTH/SOUTH: Literary Atlas of Asians in the Americas, Excepting the U.S.

Table of Contents for NORTH/SOUTH: Literary Atlas of Asians in the Americas, Excepting the U.S.


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Table of Contents

NORTH: Canada

Fred Wah
  • Columbia River
Weyman Chan
  • Weaponized Eveything
Shani Mootoo
  • Map of Snow
Rita Wong
  • there is no away
Joy Kogawa interviewed by Liu Kuilan
High Muck a Muck
  • excerpt from Playing Chinese
Mercedes Eng
  • Skwachàys: Downtown Eastside
Larissa Lai
  • excerpts from FROG DIAGRAM
Sonnet L’Abbe
  • Grandfather Was On The Rice Board
Jess X. Snow
  • What Must It Take to Become that Sky?
  • Hivemind // Hemisphere

SOUTH: Caribbean

Rajiv Mohabir
  • Saat Samundar
  • A Mnemonic for Survival
  • Vapsi: Return
  • Coolie Oddity
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
  • How to Make Him Stay
  • Feathers
  • Dream of my Daughters as a Turtle
  • Tangerines
  • The Smuggler Adopts a Tayra Daughter
Andre Bagoo
  • Langston Hughes in Trinidad – A Closet Drama in Five Scenes
Shivanee Ramlochan
  • Duenne Lorca
  • Catching Devi + Shakuntala
  • Camp Burn Down
  • The Lecture of Dead Gold
  • Vivek Considers the Nature of Secrets


Latin America

José Watanabe, translated by Michelle Har Kim
  • El guardián del hielo | The Ice Guardian
  • Las rodillas | Knees
  • Mamá cumple 75 años | Mama Turns 75
  • La silla perezosa | Lounge Boulevard
Julie Wong, translated by Michelle Har Kim
  • Mendigo en un banco de oro | Beggar on a Bench of Gold
    • Uno | One
    • Dos | Two
    • Tres | Three
    • Cuatro | Four
    • chernobyl kid | chernobyl kid
Karen Tei Yamashita
  • Brazil-Maru Epilogue (2): Tamahori/Afterword on Translation


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