Rajiv Mohabir: Poems

Criminal Law (Offenses) Act of Guyana


  1. Any Male Person Who

Section 352. Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or is a party to the commission, or procures or attempts to procure the commission, by any male person, of any act of gross indecency with any other male person shall be guilty of a misdemeanour and liable to imprisonment for two years.

—Criminal Law (Offences) Act of Guyana


Any cis thing: a tern or a knife

In pubic or prying


Any pro-cure [male] person

In these scent seas


Any 144 act:

Any [gross] mister meaner Bulgarian who


[Any male person with any male person]

Commits guilt

any -dour -able -son


guilty and two years


  1. Wanting

Section 353. Everyone who-

  1. attempts to commit buggery; or
  2. assaults any person with intent to commit buggery; or
  3. being a male, indecently assaults any other male person,

shall be guilty of a felony and liable to imprisonment for ten years.

—Criminal Law (Offences) Act of Guyana



got his number from Lydia’s bar on Roosevelt Ave, the tall Dominican man who spoke English like I spoke Spanish, who liked my alter of Hindu gods in Technicolor


wanted to wait for a while before his briefs hugged his ankles. He wanted to wait until I turned off the lights. He wanted


and it didn’t fit past my teeth


the sheets until I said, Turn over and I will do it because this is not going inside me and he said, I can make it fit and I laughed to take someone that wide was not


said, You need someone to love you and me: What the fuck is that supposed


called Leche en Espanol



Outside a man with a broad

back and a razored stomach

lifts his shirt as he lifts

a ladder, exposing his belly—

the vulnerable slope into pelvic

bone. His neck tattoos are still

bleeding. The India ink drips

down his forearms to his wrists.

His shades hide his eyes. He

knows I watch his gluteals

stretch and pull as he walks to

and to. He stretches them for me.

He lifts his coattails and looks

over his shoulder. I imagine

the caramel of his foreskin. The

butterfish of his smegma. The

copper of his asshole.



after studying Arabic for several hours my tutor wore jeans in my bed until three in the morning when I told him to take them off, that they produce too much heat, that he could sleep next to me in his tighty-whiteys, and rounding four a.m. I felt my way into his erection, Ana ored, his pubic hairs caught between my fingers and I put it in my mouth until he said I am about to come and he spread his paste of sticks and chlorine and matted the hair on his mons pubis into dreadlock (never bring home a dread), and when he was done I said I’ve never done that before, and he kissed me and played with my nipples until I shot on his chest, which was stubbly, and hopped in the shower and he dropped me to class so that I could sit an exam in linguistics


III. Imprisonment I

Section 354. Everyone who commits buggery…shall be guilty of felony and liable to imprisonment for life.

—Criminal Law (Offences) Act of Guyana


Come and snuff the lights.

[Or stifle the flame and come

here and here]. You can come

[wherever you want] as long as

no owls witness [the blinking

of our torches] in the mosquito

librettos; us fine tune this poor-

thing kind of bug body that betrays

the night with its starlight. This

illumination in the dark is a [life] in prison

is an imprisoned [light].




in the middle of the road:


{x| l(iability) = 10 (years)}


(:for the thrill

        of being caught—)


it’s not homo-



[—to commit

    to stone the unfixable]


on the passage you place

one boot in front of one



or at the neck

of your son and screech


{—for the chill of the opened

road on my bare skin:}





I always bleed

a little so (splayed/played/spayed/laid).
a little so (s[p{l-ayed}]).




Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code


  1. Unnatural Offences—

Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of wither description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

—Indian Penal Code


outside of an ashram in Barabanki with a married man


with a uniformed police officer on the Marodhar Express. I feel for his zipper in the dark as he lay in my berth. He stole it when I went to piss. Rather than back down he pushes my head to his crotch then


a toothless man, must be in his 60s, approaches me on the ghats and asked me, Are you homosex, and I said, I enjoy homosex


a random man who boards the train in Kanpur going the other way on the Marodhar Express


my folk singing teacher who dedicates the song to me in Varanasi


the cowherd man with broad, eggplant shoulders begs me to return to bed him


Amit in Jaipur stops me on the road as I watch eagles circle overhead, Want a ride? Yes. I would say it again and


the hijra on her way to Durga Kund lunges for my drawstrings



  1. Explanation—

Penetration is sufficient to constitute the carnal intercourse necessary to the offence described in the section.

—Indian Penal Code


tell my mother in detail what “the gays” do, or that it’s like people in India smoke cigarettes outside at chai stands but do not identify as “smokers”—that “gay” is fixed in a way that homosex is not, that gay is a violence, that people say the word masti and some men smile at one another and some woman laugh in each other’s arm, but there are no women made mention here because can a nation fathom a woman





<small?Punishment—Imprisonment for life, or imprisonment for 10 years and fine—Cognizable—Non-Bailable—Triable by Magistrate of the first class—Non-compoundable.

—Indian Penal Code


[circle all that apply from the Sanskrit]

ling: male: sex organ: a penis            stri-ling: female: a female penis

napunsak-ling: sexless: without a penis    samling: same sex: same genital


[circle all that apply from the extended edition gandu haramkhor]

L    G    B    T    Q    Q    I    A    U    TS    P    H


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Caste:         Chandal     Dom         Christian     Brahmin    Bhuiyar    Yahudi     Ahir        Rajput        Iyengar     Jain         Chamar

Banjara     Sikh        Muslim    Nai        Dhobi        Other


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1st Class AC        3AC Sleeper        Sleeper        Seater         Unreserved


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Hmar         Chakma      Anglo         Awadhi     Malayali    Other


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Poundable                                     Poundable

Poundable             Poundable



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my pants swell thinking of homosex         my pants are Anglo-sthani wool


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your gender what’s my gender what’s their gender what’s her gender what’s his gender what’s xer

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