Fall/Winter 2014: Speak No Evil


Table of Contents

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Forum: Junot Díaz’s “MFA vs. POC”

  • Janine Joseph
  • Jennifer Hayashida
  • Sreedhevi Iyer
  • Nina Sharma
  • Afaa Michael Weaver
  • Alex Espinosa
  • Craig Santos Perez
  • Xu Xi
  • Rigoberto González
  • Kaitlyn Greenidge


Rajiv Mohabir
  • Criminal Law (Offenses) Act of Guyana
  • Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code
Ouyang Jianghe
  • Phoenix. Translated by Austin Woerner
Jenny Wu
  • Folk Stories
  • Pastoral
  • Slowness
Annie Kim
  • New World (I)
  • New World (IV)
  • Map of Korea, 1950
  • Inside the Great Buddha
  • Apology to Aristotle
Mai Der Vang
  • Another Heaven
  • Progeny
  • Thrasher
Kenji Liu
  • Landing
  • How to Survive a Tsunami
  • Diary of Machine #37661
Jane Lin
  • Triptych
  • In the Temple of the Body
  • House Rules

A Lettre Correspondence

  • Ocean Vuong & Arthur Sze
  • R.A. Villanueva & Ray Hsu


  • Yaron Michael Hakim


  • Garrett Hongo interviewed by Michael Collier


Dispatches from Hong Kong
  • Nicholas Wong
  • Collier Nogues
  • Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
  • Lucas Klein
  • Henry W. Leung & Adriel Luis


Gerald Maa
  • An Occasional Reading of “Twenty-six Ways of Looking at a Blackman”

Book Reviews

Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis
  • review of Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being 
Meriwether Clarke
  • review of Brandom Som’s The Tribute Horse 


MusingWith: Kimiko Hahn
  • Kimiko Hahn
  • Cressida J. Heyes
  • Kyoo Lee
  • Wendy Anne Lee
  • Iping Liang
  • Keijiro Suga
  • Scott Thurston
  • Ryan Lee Wong

Contributors’ Notes

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