Fall/Winter 2017: Stateless

Table of Contents for Stateless

Volume 8, Issue 2: Fall/Winter 2017


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Table of Contents



Kazim Ali
  • Amerika the Beautiful
Dilruba Ahmed
  • Phase One
  • Matter of Fact
  • Paying the Coyote
Merton Lee
  • Friend Love
  • Hearing a Song Again
  • Normal Stuff
Diana Keren Lee
  • Artemisia
  • Han
  • Han
  • Not Quite the Apocalypse
Erwin Ponce
  • The First Battle of Bud Dajo, or: The Bud Dajo Massacre, or; The Battle of the Clouds
  • Blackburn Singing in the Dead of night, or: Blackburn and the Igorot George Hamilton Was in Manilla
Liao Hui, translation by Ting Wang
  • 早安 | Peace in the Morning
  • 午安 | Peace at Noon
  • 晚安 | Peace at Night
  • 心安 | Peace at Heart
  • 身安| Peace to the Body
  • 冬安| Peace in Winter
Anis Shivani
  • Lyric/Resistance


Annie Wu


Kay Ulanday Barrett interviewed by Laura Kina
More than organs


Jane Chi Hyun Park & Stephanie Han
  • Making Third Space Home: Asian Americans in the Asia Pacific


Brandon Shimoda
  • The Sharing of the Grave
Anjoli Roy
  • Lit on Radio Waves, Holding Space in Hawaiʻi
Jeffrey Yang
  • As if a Ring

A Lettre Correspondance

Alexander Chee & Grace Jahng Lee
Paisley Rekdal & Justin Rovillos Monson
The World We Make: a freestyle with two bodies in it


Qiu Miaojin’s Notes of a Crocodile, review by Daisuke Shen

 Contributors’ Notes

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