A Review of Xu Xi’s “That Man in Our Lives,” by Jennifer Lee

Xu Xi, raised in Hong Kong but long occupying the “flight path connecting New York, Hong Kong, and the South Island of New Zealand,” might be called a writer of the diaspora. But diasporic stories often move from origin to destination, periphery to center. This novel, however, has no center, no periphery; its origins are [Continue Reading…]

A Review of Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being,” by Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis

A Tale for the Time Being. Ruth Ozeki. New York: Viking, 2013. 422 pp.   Ocean and Internet gyres spin with post-tsunami flotsam. A sad-sack dad crafts paper insect miniatures to stave off suicide. A coterie of Japanese housewives, like one networked, collective organism, self-soothes at the jellyfish tank of a Tokyo aquarium. This is [Continue Reading…]