Open in Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health (SOLD OUT)

  A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health   **Please note that both Open in Emergency and the Tarot decks have sold out. Thank you for all of your support!** If you’re interested in a future copy of Open in Emergency and/or in sponsoring a reprint, please fill out this form with your contact information. We will reach [Continue Reading…]

Asian American Literary Review Special Issue on Mental Health Testimonial Tapestry Project: Call for Submissions

  Seeking short narratives/testimonies (50-100 words) and visual art related to Asian American mental wellness and mental illness for a 2017 special issue of The Asian American Literary Review (AALR), an arts and humanities intervention that rethinks how we understand mental health in Asian American communities. While many note the prevalence among Asian Americans of [Continue Reading…]