Speak No Evil Forum Response: “MFA vs. POC” (Nina Sharma)

Nina Sharma: “Year One” “Tell me, Nina, have you experienced any racism before, really?” Over the expanse of two Staples-variety folding tables, I looked up at the professor, a blue-eyed white man, and saw in his open, waiting face that he really did want an answer. This was the third workshop of my first semester [Continue Reading…]

Speak No Evil Forum Introduction: “MFA vs. POC”

Forum Junot Díaz’s April 2014 New Yorker piece “MFA vs. POC” sums up the failings of American Creative Writing Programs simply: “too white.” Which is to say, not enough faculty of color, little to no space for the experiences of people of color, and an abiding belief that race is not the province of Literature. [Continue Reading…]